wb_sunny Customers call it a Moscow Mule in a can. With tart citrus, fresh ginger and Caribbean spices brewed to 5% alcohol, it delivers quality and convenience. wb_sunny Harriott’s Orange Turmeric Mimosa is the fourth product in a line of gluten free, plant – based beer  / adult beverages made with 100% real fruit.  Imagine Orange Crush meets Caribbean Spices. Lose yourself in the rich history of the Caribbean and experience the enchantment of the islands thru these tropically inspired adult beverages. wb_sunny Harriott’s Lemon Mimosa is the second product in a line of gluten-free, plant-based beer/adult beverages made with 100% fresh produce. wb_sunny Harriott's Mango Mimosa is the third offering in our line of gluten-free, plant-based beer / adult beverages made with 100% fresh produce and mangos brewed to 5% alcohol.

From My Family To Yours

“It is my great joy to make and share my family’s beverages of choice for generations in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It all started in this small group of Caribbean islands when I was brewing 10 cases at a time, with a hand held bottler hooked up to a generator. US Retailers appreciated the quality and care in every bottle and now make them available throughout the Southeast. The US brewery, based in North Carolina, offers them nationwide through their online platform. All are made with the highest quality ingredients and with the greatest of care. I want you to taste exactly what my family was drinking with friends and family over the years and because of this, there is no compromising. There are no artificial fillers or other inexpensive shortcuts. These beverages are the best of their kind and with your first sip, you will know what I mean.
Welcome to our way of life!”

Georgia Dunn

President & CEO


All Fresh Produce!

There are no artificial fillers or other inexpensive shortcuts.

Unlimited possibilities.

Recipes rich in history and tradition deliver lighter alternatives to grain-based beer.